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The Undergraduate Investment Society at UCLA (UIS) might be run by undergraduates but is not restricted to them. UIS is the largest investing organization at UCLA that delivers the study, practice, and concepts of Investing to the entire UCLA population through seminars, presentations, events, and this website. Since its inception, UIS has endeavored to connect UCLA students with the knowledge of the inner workings behind the intricate world of finance so that they can join the ranks of the world’s best investors. Events encompass workshops that teach the fundamentals of investing, club seminars on current investing strategies and economic events, and presentations delivered by speakers from firms that emblematize the most successful firms in the finance industry. Becoming a part of UIS establishes a young bruin above all others.

Spring 2015 Meetings Will Take Place Mondays in MS6201 from 6:00PM to 7:30PM!

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Week 1: In this talk we discussed a brief history of the stock market and went over some of the fundamental concepts of equities. Also, we talked about the bid-ask spread and what factors drive the stock price.


Weekly Market Recap – Week Ended May 8


Reassuring labor market data sparked a major rally on Friday and helped most of the leading benchmarks overcome steep losses earlier in the week to end modestly higher. On Wednesday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen appeared to derail those hopes by opining that “market valuations at this point generally are quite high,” which might lead to “potential dangers.” She qualified her remarks by stating that there was no evidence of new bubbles forming in asset prices and that risks to financial stability were “moderated.” Friday’s payroll data painted a different picture, however. The Labor Department reported that employers had added a healthy 223,000 jobs in April, and the unemployment rate ticked downward to 5.4%.

Since stock prices were pushed radically higher today, we here make a bold prediction that major indexes will observe significant dips on Monday. We have seen in last month that a favorable payroll report could in fact hurt equity market. We think it is reasonable that the market will adjust its position after investors weight in this report and Yellen’s comment over the weekend.

Market Recap – Week Ended May 1, 2015

The major U.S. equity benchmarks retreated from the record highs they had established the previous week due to some disappointing earnings reports and as investors reacted to mixed economic data. A strong rally on Friday helped mitigate the losses, however. The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite trailed the large-cap indexes, weighed down by poorly performing social media stocks and concerns over Apple’s new smartwatch. Small-caps also performed poorly and surrendered their recent outperformance, perhaps due the waning appeal of their greater focus on domestic markets. The U.S. dollar retreated during the week and for the month of April, increasing the value of profits earned overseas by U.S. multinationals.
The week brought confirmation that the economy had experienced another sharp winter slowdown, with bad weather probably partly to blame. Stocks declined Wednesday morning, following news that the economy had only grown at an annual rate of 0.2% in the first quarter, well below even reduced expectations. Following their meeting the same day, Federal Reserve policymakers referred to the slowdown as “transitory,” which may have helped shore up investor confidence in the recovery.

New Series – Thinkorswim Tutorial – Setting up the platform


Welcome to our thinkorswim tutorials. Thinkorswim is a powerful platform that members of UIS use for trading competition, equity research and other investing activities. We will guide you through the basics of how to trade stocks, options, forex and more. We hope this series will help introduce you to the fascinating world of trading.

Setting up thinkorswim is easy as 123.

If you would like to participate in real-money investing, use this link:


If you not to risk any of your hard-earned cash and would like to play with virtual money investing, use this link:


After signing up, please download the platform onto your computer and install the program. Link:


When logging in with your new credentials, make sure you select the paper money option.
thinkorswim login And here, welcome to thinkorswim.

Please stay tuned to our upcoming episodes as we will teach you many amazing things about this platform!


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