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Talk 9: Bond Types


Unit: Implementation In this talk, we discuss the different types of Bonds available to investors today, as well as some rather interesting Alternative bonds. Talk 9 Bond Types

Talk 7: Technical Analysis


Unit: Implementation In this talk, we explained technical analysis and its focus on price and volume. We also discussed the different trading styles, types of trade, and indicators that technical analysts use. Talk 7 Technical Analysis  

Talk 6: Fundamental Analysis Part 2


Unit: Implementation In part 2 of the fundamental analysis talk, we examined how different components of a business, including management, financial, and market factors, can be used to determine the intrinsic value of a company. Talk 6 Fundamental Analysis Part 2  

Talk 5: Fundamental Analysis Part 1


Unit: Implementation In this talk, we show how to analyze the financial statements of a company by comparing ratios and other values to industry averages. Talk 5 Fundamental Analysis Part 1

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