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We are what we repeatedly do: Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

Executive Officers

Evan Tich

Evan Tich

Evan Tich is a senior physics major at UCLA. In addition to running the Undergraduate Investment Society he has worked at numerous companies in Financial Services including KPMG, Columbia Threadneedle, and National Bank of Canada. His areas of expertise include Fixed Income Portfolio management, Transactions and Restructuring, and Private Equity Acquisitions. His career interests are energy and renewable resources, global markets and macroeconomic policy, as well as corporate and consumer credit cycle analysis.



Second Executive

Vice President



Reed Douglas

Reed is a Business Economics major who was born into the world of Value Investing. With Security Analysis always in his left jacket pocket, and the Modern Portfolio Theory up his sleeve. Upon engrossing himself into the world of value based portfolio analytics since high school, and with two research papers to his name, Reed has become an aficionado of sorts with the subject and leads our weekly economic seminars that take place in the second hour of our meetings.

Glen Takahashi

A fourth year Computer Science major, Glen Takahashi is the embodiment of the intellectual conduit that unites the vast world of finance and the intricate realm of technology. Whether he is conducting a Bitcoin arbitrage, programming a market making algorithm, or working on one of his entrepreneurial endeavors, Glen is at the frontier of the financial world in its purest sense. Currently, Glen is a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies.

Minh Le

A fifth year Mathematical Economics major, Minh is a self-taught Volatility Trader born in the dark depths of the recent Great Recession. With a prowess for spreads forged through years of balancing work, university, and waking up at 5:00 AM, Minh learned the ins and outs of the derivative markets in ways most traders often don’t: Real Trading. Enraptured with a distinct disposition towards hedging, leverage management, and an impeccable awareness of margin requirements, Minh is on a one-way track to surpass the likes of the world’s best traders. Currently Minh is a Sales and Trading Intern at Wedbush Securities.

Parth Thakkar

A fifth year Mathematical Economics major, Specialized in Computing here at UCLA. He is also the Portfolio Manager of the Short Term Trading Team and a member of our Derivatives Valuation and Strategies Research Force. Currently, Parth is also the President and Founder of the Social Biking Club at UCLA as well as an officer on the UCLA Cycling Team.

Shane Sideris

A true value investor, Sideris knows his fundamentals and knows them well. Whether it’s using valuation models that he has constructed, or checking up on the management of a company, Shane’s sharp wits with valuation has already established himself as a young Warren Buffet in the works. His intellectual polish ranks him among the best that the financial world has ever seen. Shane studied Business Economics and is currently working full time at Blackrock.

Evan Friscia

Evan studied History and Public Affairs here at UCLA. Originally enticed to join the Investment Society with no prior knowledge of investing his freshman year, Evan worked his way up through the ranks to prove himself an invaluable addition to the organization. When it comes to the information, Evan is an expert at finding crucial intel that can mean the difference between a successful arbitrage and a portfolio breakdown.

Wonwoo “Roy” Choi

An avid options trader and passionate macroeconomic savant, Roy is a fifth year Neuroscience major at UCLA. Discerning between DCF models that he has made, and Historical Volatility Charts, Roy has a talent for timing entries and exits. Taking his investments even a step further, Roy knows hedges and knows them well, employing multi-leg options spreads to protect long and short positions. Currently, Roy is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Statistics with the intention of working at the Federal Reserve.