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Welcome to our thinkorswim tutorials. Thinkorswim is a powerful platform that members of UIS use for trading competition, equity research and other investing activities. We will guide you through the basics of how to trade stocks, options, forex and more. We hope this series will help introduce you to the fascinating world of trading.

Setting up thinkorswim is easy as 123.

If you would like to participate in real-money investing, use this link:
If you not to risk any of your hard-earned cash and would like to play with virtual money investing, use this link:

After signing up, please download the platform onto your computer and install the program. Link:

When logging in with your new credentials, make sure you select the paper money option.
thinkorswim login And here, welcome to thinkorswim.

Please stay tuned to our upcoming episodes as we will teach you many amazing things about this platform!


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